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Looks like courts will again re-draw MN political district boundaries to reflect 2020 census

By |January 28th, 2022|

It looks like -- as analysts predict -- the courts will again draw new legislative and congressional district boundaries in Minnesota, with no clear signs of agreement between House Democrats and Senate Republicans and only about two weeks to the [...]

As nat’l debate continues, Democrats renew call for Equal Rights Amendment in MN Constitution

By |January 28th, 2022|

As national debate continues on whether the Equal Rights Amendment is now part of the U-S Constitution, Democratic lawmakers in Minnesota are introducing a bill to align *state* statutes with the E-R-A -- a review in 2022, then law changes [...]

CGMC urges state lawmakers to prioritize childcare funding in upcoming session

By |January 28th, 2022|

The Coalition for Greater Minnesota Cities (CGMC) is urging state lawmakers to address critical needs in the upcoming legislative session. CGMC President and Luverne Mayor Pat Baustian says childcare is the number one economic development priority "2021 wasn’t a good [...]

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