The Coronavirus Impact On The Olympics

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The Coronavirus is continuing to spread, and people everywhere are taking precautions. Many major and minor sporting events have been moved, canceled, or postponed because of it. One of the major events that are currently being talked about is the Summer Olympics. The Summer Games is a massive event involving international travel by thousands and thousands of people and athletes, and with the coronavirus continuing to spread, some think it should be canceled. Although officials for the games state that the Olympics are still happening despite news of the virus, and they will be taking extra measures against the virus if [...]

Magic Johnson on Kobe Byrant: “It Will Take Years to Get Over His Death”

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Yesterday, Magic Johnson spoke about Kobe Bryant and said what many Laker fans might be thinking almost a month after his death, "It's hard in a two-minute, five-minute time to say everything he meant to the world, to the NBA, and to basketball fans. He's bigger than life,". Speaking as part of a panel that featured various Lakers and Celtics luminaries. The topic of conversation inevitably steered back to Byrant and his death in a helicopter crash. Magic also went on to say that "it will take years to get over his passing and his daughter and the seven other people [...]

Twins Draft Hometown Kid

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The MLB draft is in full swing and the Twins' had their eyes set on a kid who grew up in their neck of the woods. With the 39th pick in the 2019 draft, the Twins drafted outfielder Matt Wallner out of Southern Mississippi. Wallner grew up in Forest Lake Minnesota and in just 3 years, broke Southern Mississippi's record for home runs with 58. Source -Intern Zach

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